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What is Project-Phobia?


In the eye of their creator, all creations are perfect and imperfect at the same time.

This website is a development diary for the “Phobia” world-building project. All rights to the work, ideas and products displayed here belong to their respected authors. Two guys with a passion for world-building and a wild ambitious imagination.

On our Wiki, you will find a complete archive of documents that will serve as out official Mythopoeia Lexagon.

The development diary is a project-log, where we keep track of the development process of making dreams become reality.

If you want to know what our projects are, you can find a an overview of them in the menu at the top.

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And thank you for your interest in Project-Phobia.

Rudolf J.B. Buirma & Jeffrey de Kogel

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read that what is written, educate those who don't

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