Improving Combat.

Tuesday, 18-03-2014

Having gained a lot of valuable insight, and having learned several important lessons from our first playtest, I have been working hard on improving and expanding upon certain aspects of our game, and implementing some new elements to enrich the experience.

Firstly, I took it upon me to make combat more interesting, which generally required me to change the damage or resource cost of a couple of abilities in order to make them less costly or more effective to perform, or to add specific effects to different abilities in order to make them more dynamic, interesting or challenging to use.


Another aspect that needed to be improved was the Initiative system – which was fairly convoluted during the first playtest -, and decided that the initiative was initially gained by the instigator of a new battle, after which it can only be gained or lost by using abilities that either grant a character the initiative or cause a character to lose it. This results in a character having the initiative – allowing them to always perform their abilities first during turns -, until another character either causes him to lose to initiative or gain the initiative themselves by using specific abiltities.

During our initial playtest, Rudolf eventually came up with the idea that abilities could have either a long or short range, making positioning a more important factor in combat, and I decided to implement range as a statistic on our Combat Cards, so that each move has either “Short Range“, “Long Range” or “Self“; for some particular moves can be used at any distance as they only affect the player itself. This causes players to be more careful in positioning themselves in combat, as getting within close range of an enemy might cost them a turn as they move across the field.