Friday, 21-03-2014

Looting and items are things that Rudolf and I have briefly discussed before our first playtest, but decided not to work on just yet, because we wanted to get the basic mechanics of the game – roleplaying, storytelling and combat – right first, but now that the playtest has shown that those mechanics are working properly, I have created several items that can be looted and used by players in OneiroPhobia.

The goal of these items are:

  1. To serve as loot that can be taken from deafeated enemies, making winning battles more exciting and rewarding.
  2. To serve as additional gameplay elements in the form of consumables that might boost one’s sanity or HP, items that grant a passive effect to the player, such as sanity regeneration or improved damage, or actual Combat Cards, in which an item enables the player to perform a specific ability by using the item, thereby expanding their number of usable abilities.
  3. To provide players with a wider range of abilities and effects, both in combat and roleplay, to bring more variety to the gameplay.

Hopefully, our next playtest will prove if the addition of these different items will work as intended…