Juggling Numbers.

Thursday, 27-03-2014

With our second playtest now officially closing in – on thursay, the third of april, when Sybren and Sem will be joining Rudolf and me to play out the second part of the campaign that we started in our first playtest -, we have decided that Rudolf will focus on expanding upon our campaign and creating a story and background that should encourage the players to focus more on social interaction and roleplay, so that I have more time to balance and update the Combat Cards, classes and items.

We came to this conclusion after evaluating our current progress and further discussing our goals for the second playtest, and since I am most eager to test the updated combat system and items, Rudolf suggested to share the load and work on the story and interaction. And with Rudolf already having proven himself to be an excellent storyteller and game master, and me being succesfully in charge of creating our general game mechanics, the agreement was quite easily made.

So I will take off my robes and wizard hat, put on my extra large nerdy glasses and be juggling numbers, calculating damage and balancing abilities, so that we can fully put both social interaction and the updated combat and items to the test at our second playtest. Bouya!