Wanderer Warrior Witch

“There once was a young girl, who had the ability to absorb other people’s negative emotions, freeing them from their burdens by taking them into herself. When the girl was only a young teenager, she was raped by the lord of the land, and got pregnant with his child. The girl eventually gave birth to a disturbingly malformed child, who continueously cried tears of acid; imprinted with all the sorrow and grief that the girl had absorbed to save so many others. Afraid and confused, the girl went to the lord’s castle to confront him with his sin and the child it had spawned. Stricken with shame and guilt, the lord reluctantly accepted his child, in exchange for the girl to never speak about what he did to her and never show her face again. For a time, the lord cared for the tainted child, hiding it in his castle, and every day it’s deformed shape and constant crying reminded him of his crime. When the lord couldn’t take it anymore, he ordered for his infant child to be thrown into the deep, dark sea, to let his guilt sink into the depths along with his unwanted child. Years went by, but no matter how hard they tried, both the lord and the young girl could not forget their tragedy and the abomination it had spawned; the child subsequently abandoned by them both. But the sins of the past did eventually catch up with the lord of the land, when the malformed child he had discarded years ago came crawling out of the sea; now a massive, crying mountain of sorrow made flesh. It slowly crawled over the lord’s lands, only wanting to return to the parent that abandoned it, craving only for the acceptance of it’s father. The child had become the very embodiment of grief, and it’s perpetual crying and wailing influenced the land around it and it’s inhabitants greatly, spreading like a cloud of acidic depression that slowly turned the land into a state of constant sorrow. As the mountainous, crying abomination crawled towards it’s father’s castle, the land spiraled further down into a state of sadness and disarray.

All was not lost, however, for salvation came in the form of a wanderer and a warrior, who would encourage the girl to save the people of the land from their debilitating depression by using her special gift, and eventually helped her in confronting the man who raped her and stop their cursed child from corrupting the land.”


Thank you for your interest in Project-Phobia.