Robes And Wizard Hat.

Wednesday, 26-03-2014

One thing that Rudolf and I want to explore further in our next playtest of OneiroPhobia, is social interaction and roleplaying between players.
Our first playtest has offered plenty of oppertunities for Sybren, Sem, Rudolf and myself to indulge in social roleplay and moral decision-making, but the fairly quick pace and progression of the story and the world around our fictional characters Рintentionally Рsomewhat limited the amount of time that our characters had to really get to know each other  better, or actually establish any meaningful social relationship. And although this caused the campaign to progress in a pleasantly exciting and in some cases, action-packed way, Rudolf and I both feel like we should utilize our design and storytelling-skills to test the social roleplaying aspect of our game more extensively.

And now that I have made sure that both our loot/items and combat-system are all but ready to be implemented into our second playtest, I’m ready to don my robes and wizard hat, and dabble in the mysterious arts of social-roleplaying.