RudolfLookingSmartYesterday night I was visited by the past. Reliving the memories of the time that made me who I am to this day.

In 2002, I started what I consider the most remarkable friendship of my life.  A friendship so powerful that it was sealed with a very divine moment of creation. And that creation has seeded my creativity for over more than a decade. And has connected me to people who are as dear to me as my own life. It is my wish to dedicate my final project to this special moment. To do justice to it’s anniversary  To mature a idea into a genuine piece of art.

Like you are probably yourself are doing right now, I too asked myself: what is Phobia? And the answer wasn’t as simple as I had hoped. Project -Phobia is become more to me than simply a pet-project to keep me occupied next to my daily activities. It is my creative obsession, an escapist story-world, so vast that it has became a part of my existence. And as I am driven to share it with as many people as possible my ambition became to create products of art, play and stories, like I would personally envision them done correctly.

What is Phobia? Well, aside from the meaning of the word, to me it embodies an interactive narratological experience. Not merely a story, nor even a product on itself. But a whole bunch of emotional tales and experiences distilled into a world that three young creative minds long ago called Phobia. And through the world of Phobia, I have created a platform that motivates me to be critical about art, play and stories. And my ambition is to create products of art, play and stories like I would personally envision them done correctly.

Today I write to you from my own office. Where I am work dedicated to the creation of projects that might one day inspire a new generation of of Oneirophiles.

Thank you for your interest in Project-Phobia.